Season 2 of Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Trainz Adventures consists of 6 episodes.

DVD Description Edit

Join Thomas and all his friends for 6 whole episodes of fun and adventures. Percy will take the wrong train and Gordon will tell about his past!

Trailer Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Gordon- Gordon tells the engines a story about his past
  2. Murdoch and James- James makes Murdoch feel bad, but when James breaks down with a heavy goods train, Murdoch is the only one to help
  3. Peep Peep Party- Bill and Ben get a Surprise Party after working hard in the Clay Pits
  4. Edward and the The Thief -Based off the magazine story- Edward's Escape
  5. Diesel and Daisy- Diesel and Daisy swap jobs for a day, but chaos soon rolls in!
  6. The Chrismas Tree Express- Thomas and James have to deliver Christmas Trees to all the stations.


  • This series is set between season 7 and 8

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